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The ReAbility platform is designed with 1 objective in mind – to provide real-time information to better serve individuals with disabilities, parents, caregivers, case managers and others – and improve the quality of their lives. That information will offer direction on various programs, activities and events that are tied to an individual’s custom profile, so parents and others can plan ahead for resources, fun activities, networking, etc. Currently, the sources for that information are 3 major agencies in the Memphis area: Shelby Residential Vocational Services (SRVS), Madonna Learning Center, and Arc of the Midsouth, and 107 other agencies across the US. each one uniquely positioned to continue their wonderful support to thousands of individuals in the greater Memphis area.


1 in 5 people in the US have a disability.

Approximately 60 million individuals in the United States have some form of special needs, from dyslexia to autism, and everything in between, and that number is increasing. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the rate of autism alone is now 1 in every 54 live births. Just 25 years ago, that number was at least 1 in 2,500. Millions of those individuals have some resources to assist them every day as provided by their state, city, local community/faith-based organizations or at least know where to find those resources. However, millions more do not have access and/or do not know where to go. That creates a great sense of anxiety and stress which further exacerbates the challenges to the special needs community and their families. That is where Re-Ability can assist – providing real-time information on jobs, events, activities, sports, networking, etc.